Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 20-31

January 20: Made a flyer and donated a sign, which equals 7 pages printed. I had to print an extra seven pages, but my color cartridge didn't work. Lots of backs to use. I picked up some paper at the event. Half is already written on. I am surprised that one poster board equals 27.66 pieces of paper. Still you can't be an organizer without using poster board. Usage today 42.91 pages.

January 21-23
: No use these days.

January 24: Robyn used my printer to print out her boarding pass. I hired a new personal care assistant. I used the back of one page to keep my personal care assistant (PCA) references. This made it easy to keep track of, because if I misplaced it, I just need to look for my housing agenda. I used 28 pages for writing group. Four pages, 7 packets. Lots of backs to write on. Plus, I already printed my assignment for use in two weeks, when I go next.

January 25: I got my Ware writing schedule. It took six pages. Plus one tax form. There are backs on the writing group paper, but none (obviously) on the tax forms. Total day 7 pages.

January 26: I printed 15 pages for grant. All smudged, so must be reprinted. Bother!

January 27: 26 pages twice for grant. Clearing the ink dealt with the smudges of the pages. Plus one cover sheet and an extra first page because it was bent. Total usage 28 pages.

January 28: I brought a manilla envelope for my Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant. I'm going to count that as two pages. It was mailed so no backs.

January 29-30: No use these days.

January 31: 2.33 pages used One will be mailed so no back. I took one third page for an article on the new meditation class at the library.

My total usage for this period was 124.24. I have 5686.76 to use for the year. I will try to update more regularly.

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