Sunday, February 12, 2012

Febuary 6-11

No data for the first week of February. I was just lazy and didn't record. But I'm back on the wagon as of February 6th. I got two pages from a woman whose class I'm going to speak to about art and disability issues. On February 7th, I used no paper. On February 8th, I again had a no use day even though I went to writing group. This is because I used my entry that I didn't use last time for the group. On February 9th, I went to Florence Poets’ Society. I used eight pages for that.

Between February 10 and February 11th, I used 4 pages to write Valentine's notes to various friends and family. One additional page was used to record the addresses so my assistants could copy them into envelopes. I also used an additional 8 2/3 pages in envelopes to mail them. Additionally on February 11th, I received five pages of paper in a poetry workshop I took. Later that night, I received three additional pages and show I went to as part of the program. These were all double sided so I have no room to write on the back. My total usage for this period was 31.66. My remaining total is 5651.1.