Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56

The end of my 8th week on the diet marked a few big occurrences in this experiment. I finally used a ream of paper in total today. Crossing the line when I printed out 175 pages onto which I made 350 promotional fliers to advertise myself to all the Five College Queer Sexuality and Gender Conference attendees. They are awesome and hard to miss in blinding yellow. Thank you Hampshire College Duplications!!

My total paper usage is 90.53% remaining, even though I’ve made some conservation errors. These include forgetting my scratch paper or losing applications and needing to reprint them. My total page count is now: 5, 284.5.

I am mystified as to how the “average” American (whoever that may be) is so wasteful. I’m only trying to be slightly mindful and I am all too often failing. Yet I’m still over at over 90% of my paper remaining when I’m only allowing myself 10% of the “average” usage.

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